Check For Nested Slurs And Bowings

For use with Sibelius 6, Sibelius 7, and Sibelius 8

Slurs mean different things to different instruments. And in many instruments the occurrence of poor slur markings just cause confusion at rehearsal. One of the most time consuming things to check a score for is slurs that are within other slurs or slurs that cross each other. Now there is a automated way to proof and fix your score for these errors.

Check for Nested Slurs/Bowings does the usual proof-reading plugin things, like finding them and providing a in-depth list. But it also does something new and great, it allows for interactive proofing. The unique Interactive Mode allows you to view each error as it is found and choose how to best correct it.

There are options to avoid or analyze dashed slurs as well as ignoring voice number. With options to hide, delete, select, color red, annotate, or simply just locate, the plugin will cover your basic processing needs. The locate function can be written to the trace window or a user named log file can be created in a location of your choice.

Check out the presentation of the Interactive Mode on youtube

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